Sunday, 21 March 2010

Even When I'm Out of My Comfort Zone, I am Perfectly Safe

I recently discovered a new path which I thought would be fun to explore early this morning.

I even discovered a Muslim cemetery. After stopping off to study the graves, I continued down this long path that seemed to be going on forever. Although I was aware I was now off the beaten track and had no idea where I was going to end up, I reminded myself that I am Soul (the Infinite Self) and all is well.

When I identify myself as the Infinite Self/Soul, I know that though I appear to be confined in time/space, I am actually everywhere present. I am rather like a Sat Nav (satellite navigation system) that has the bird's eye view of everything and constantly feeding me data.

I ended up at an industrial estate with nothing but furniture shops and wholesalers. I figured when I hit the main road I would know where to go. Right at the junction, I noticed this guy outside a shop and he smiled and said hello. I returned his smile. He asked me if I was going to church and I said I was just going for a walk. He said I looked very happy. (Maybe that's why he thought I was going to church). I told him how far I'd come and where I was headed.

"You must be fit as a fiddle with all that walking," he said.

I asked my friend for directions and he advised me to turn left and look out for the furniture store IKEA which will guide me home. That's exactly what I did. As I was walking back through familiar territory, I was able to assist someone who was lost in a different kind of way. (See No, You're Not Mad!)

When I identify myself as the Infinite Self, even when I'm out of my comfort zone, I am always perfectly safe.


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