Saturday, 13 March 2010

It's OK to Follow Your Heart

So a friend at a social network website posted a link to a Bluegrass music that she liked.

The music reminded me of my first trip to America when I spent 2 weeks in Orlando with a couple of friends. Because I used to work with them and occasionally socialised with them, I thought we would get on. I soon realised that we wanted different things, which made me very miserable. I had two choices: I could either continue to hang out with them all the time, doing stuff I didn't want to do and be miserable; or I could do some stuff with them and others on my own. Although I was nervous about going it alone, as I had never done that before, let alone in a different country, I decided "nothing ventured, nothing gained." I even went to the cinema on my own for the first time.

On the day when we went to Epcot Centre, I decided to explore the centre on my own. We arranged to meet up later that evening. While I was queuing up for one of the rides, I got chatting to this American couple and their son, who took a shining to me and took me under their wings. They said they were from Bluegrass Country, which I hadn't a clue about. Before I left Epcot, we exchanged addresses. They ended up sending me a tape of Bluegrass music. For many years we exchanged letters (no email in those days) until we lost contact. It's a shame I can't remember their names now.

I am grateful to my Internet friend for posting the link to the video, which has not only given me a lovely trip down memory lane but has inspired this piece.

I am also grateful to the family I met at Epcot for their friendship and introducing me to Bluegrass music.

Most of all, I am grateful to the friends I went on holidays with, as they helped me see that it's OK to follow your heart. You end up meeting people who resonate with you anyway.

In fact, just over a year ago, I met one of the girls I went on holidays with at a bus stop. We even travelled on the same bus together and we chatted about old times. Before she got off we exchanged email addresses. The next day I emailed her but she didn't respond. Maybe, she still feels she can't resonate with me, which is fair enough.

It's OK to follow my heart. It's OK to be happy.


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