Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Spirit is Willing...No Buts

I believe I am Spirit living in a Spiritual Universe now. I also believe all forms whether they are visible or invisible are Spirit, just like water can appear as solid, liquid and gas. I am, therefore, Spirit in human form.

There is only one Law in operation and it is Spirit.

Having an intellectual understanding that the Universe is Spirit is one thing, demonstrating Spirit in every day life is a whole different ballgame. If, for instance, I believe that as Spirit I am whole and perfect then instead of praying for perfection, all I have to do is just keep remembering that I am Spirit now and always. Then that which is Spirit will be made manifest in a human form that is uniquely me. When you are busy enjoying life, the last thing on your mind is medical insurance and retirement plans.

I decided last night that regardless of the weather I was going to walk into town this morning. That would mean getting up really early so I can fit in the 1 hour 45 minutes it takes to get there.

When I woke up this morning at 7 am I thought it was way too early. Why not relax for another half an hour? I fell asleep and the next time I opened my eyes it was 7.30 am. Hmmm, do I still want to walk into town? I still feel sleepy. I could just have another half an hour in bed and then catch the bus. I could walk back as I usually do. Then the Voice within said:

"The Spirit is willing..."

There was a pause as if I was expected to fill in the blanks but I knew what had to be done. All sleep left me. I made up the bed, went to the bathroom, and got ready. Before I left, I had a chat with my mother for a few minutes, which delayed my start time; but I left around 8.02 am.

I believe if I had said to myself: "The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak," I would not have been acting in accordance with what I believe to be true, that I am Spirit. In other words, I would have been in a double-mind. Then I would experience life as if there are two versions of me: one who is Spirit and always raring to go as she has infinite energy; and the flesh part that is weak and can't summon up the energy to do so. I wasn't prepared to play that game.

If I want to experience the gifts of Spirit, I can't afford to be in a double-mind. I need to remember that there is only one me and it is Spirit. It matters not whether I am thinking, dreaming or whatever, I am the same old me that is Spirit.


When Spirit is willing abundance, I am abundance.
When Spirit is willing beauty, I am beauty.
When Spirit is willing freedom, I am freedom.
When Spirit is willing happiness, I am happiness.
When Spirit is willing joy, I am joy.
When Spirit is willing light, I am light.
When Spirit is willing love, I am love.
When Spirit is willing peace, I am peace.
When Spirit is willing power, I am power.
When Spirit is willing wholeness, I am wholeness.
When Spirit is willing wisdom, I am wisdom.
When Spirit is willing wonder, I am wonder.

(Note, I can have a change of heart about something as long as my decision is not based on spirit-flesh mind game).

The Spirit is willing and there is no flesh to be weak.


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