Tuesday, 23 March 2010

There is Another Way - GHS

I see the health reform bill was passed in the US, which means health insurance will be extended to millions of people who can't afford it.

In the UK, we have the NHS (National Health Service), which is a publicly funded health care system for all. (People do have the option though to take out medical insurance and go private).

I am very grateful for the NHS which I think is wonderful. I have even had 3 operations on the NHS and I was well looked after.

Then I discovered another way - GHS (God Health Service) which provides full health care in the God presence in me. I have to say it wasn't easy weaning myself off the needing to be healed mindset and trusting in Love. I still have to remember to ask for help at all times. (See related articles below).

Although I no longer use the NHS, I'm glad it's there for people who still need it.

I hope one day everyone gets to enjoy GHS, which is not only available to everyone, it's absolutely free. I doubt if people whose livelihood depend on sick people would welcome the GHS with open arms. :-)

Light to all.


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